Moose of Mumbai Hot Indian Seasoning

160 g

Canada meets India with this spicy hot seasoning! This aromatic spice will take you right to bustling Mumbai with its complex mix of 10 different aromatic spices.

This blend is all you need to make a superb vindaloo curry. Rub some onto lamb chops, chicken and pork, shake onto roasted chickpeas and warm naan or flatbread straight from the oven, or add a pinch to steamed rice.

You’re just a shake away from amazing! Namaste.

Testimonial: "So I got some new Be a Kitchen Hero spices and had to try my hand with the Moose of Mumbai tonite . Dry marinated chicken thighs with it all day then tossed in a bit of lemon olive oil from Oliv and put on my Pampered Chef Grill Mat. Sliced chunks of peaches with bit lemon oil and some Mumbai and tossed in a drizzle of a Coconut Balsamic too!!peppers got the Pineapple Rum Grilling Sauce and decide to brush bit on the thighs to finish. Of course we had rice in the PChef Microwave Rice Cooker!! Happy Dave once again!!" Gina Quon, Pampered Chef consultant, Regina, SK   June 18, 2018 

Get ready to give'er in the kitchen! 

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