The Crazy Canuck (6 spice boxes over 12 months)

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6 spice boxes over 12 months

You will receive 6 cool spice boxes over 12 months. Perfect for those who know that possibilities are endless. You're serious about becoming truly great - not just in your own eyes but in the hearts and minds of anyone who tastes your food! You are the Hero standing tall in your own kitchen - master of all you survey - with the masses swooning at your feet!

We want you to give'er in the kitchen!
Every Second Month You'll Get a Cooking Power Pack!

  • A new and exciting Spice Blend in a handy shaker jar in your mail box every second month.
  • A No Sweat’ Recipe
  • CJ’s Tool Recommendation to add to your arsenal of gadgets
  • A Themed Menu to kill it in the kitchen
  • A Bonus Recipe


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