Red Guitar Mexican Seasoning

170 g

In a word - 'beguiled' - that what one of our subscription box subscribers (a chef too!) said when he first tried Red Guitar! Now that's a testimonial!

Red Guitar is loaded with all the traditional Mexican flavours we grew up on - chili, cumin and a handful of other secret seasoning to give some 'Ole' to any chili or taco. Sprinkle some on chicken legs before grilling or smoking or add a shake to any oven roasted vegetables.

This spice - without the spicy heat - is suitable for families. Want to turn up the volume? Take it up to your own heat level with some cayenne or smoky chipotle pepper. 

Your meals will be so amazing, your guests will be licking their plates!

Get ready to give'er in the kitchen! 

Free stuff you get with every bottle!
(1) an Easy 'No Sweat' Recipe, (2) Bonus Recipe



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