Anyone Can Make a Great Meal

I'm here to help you transform your cooking 365 days a year and fuel your inner chef - whether you're cooking indoors or on your back deck. It’s my belief that you don’t need a culinary degree to make an excellent meal, you don’t have to know every cooking technique, and you definitely don’t need a fancy kitchen. A desire, some great spice blends and delicious easy and quick recipes is all you need to crush it, be fearless and impress all who eat at your table. 

CJ Katz, Chief Spice Officer


A bit about me: My life has literally been all things culinary. My love of cooking and creating has propelled me into a wide and varied career in the world of food including being the culinary host of CTV's Wheatland Cafe since 2005 (view episodes here), writing an award winning cookbook - ‘TASTE: Seasonal Dishes from a Prairie Table.’ (buy the book here) - and doing a host of other cool things including writing, food photography and food judging. 







Take Your Meals from “Oh No’ to “Oh Ya!’

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