Rusty Sled Use-it-with-Everything Blend & Rub

200 g

Our Use-it-with-Everything blend and rub. Crafted with nine spices and herbs look for notes of chili powder, garlic and paprika with hints of black pepper and a mild spicy finish.

Honestly, this versatile blend is a chameleon in the kitchen! It works on anything except dessert!

Just a shake will make you a Hero no matter what you grill, fry, roast, BBQ or smoke. Rub it on chicken, fish, pork, beef, bison, venison, and other wild game. Add a spoonful or two to a stew, soup, baked beans, meatloaf or burger patties. It's amazing with shrimp and scallops. Add it to a marinade or salad dressing or on lightly oiled vegetables before roasting. Sprinkle a pinch on scrambled eggs or a spoonful to a dip. Rim your glass for your next Caesar.

Whatever you can dream up, chances are it will work with this blend. The opportunities to rock it in the kitchen are wide-open! 


Testimonial: "Love the spice you sold me at the trade show 'Rusty Sled'. Made my homemade stew that much better. Big thank you!" ~ Dianne K., Estevan, SK   March 30, 2019

Testimonial: "We love Be a Kitchen Hero spices with our favourite being Rusty Sled. We seem to add it to almost everything: from eggs to potatoes to chilli to chicken, and we even used it to jazz up some kraft dinner before rushing off to my daughter’s dance lessons. If you try it once, you’ll be hooked, guaranteed! I don’t know how we ever cooked without it. Thank you CJ for bringing extra flavour to all our meals!"  Stefanie Y, Regina, SK  January 2018

We want you to give'er in the kitchen, eh! 
Every bottle of spice comes with the following:
(1) a 'No Sweat' Recipe, (2) Bonus Recipe







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