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Every month we design a new spice blend with matching recipes and 'how-to' tutorials that will have you cooking with swagger and standing 10' taller! The kitchen will become your new playground where you'll look forward to unleashing your cooking super powers!

It's a snap to ace it in the kitchen! Pick a subscription box that best suits your needs - from two months (The Toonie), six months (The Six Pack) and 12 months (The Crazy Canuck). You're just a shake away from fantastic!

Every subscription box contains:

  • a New and Exciting Spice Blend 
  • a "No Sweat' Recipe
  • Bonus Recipe
  • CJ's Kitchen Gadget Recommendation
  • a Themed Menu

PLUS! Our Members-Only area gives you:

  • a 'Weekend Warrior' project to match the Spice of the Month
  • 'How-To' tutorials so you can rock it in the kitchen
  • Additional 'No Sweat' recipes - many created by our own member Kitchen Heroes!

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