Our #1 Selling Spice! Burnt Canoe Steak Seasoning

200 g

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This is one of our spice blends we just can’t live without. A shake or two will take your steak from ‘OK’ to ‘Hell ya!” and rock so many other dishes. Rub onto a prime rib or beef pot roast, as well as on pork or beef ribs, pork butt and pork chops. Try it with bison and wild game. Fuel your inner chef by adding a spoonful or two to a soup or stew. A good shake onto some lightly oiled potatoes before oven-roasting will give you a new flavor experience. Experiment with frying, roasting, smoking and grilling. Your cooking will be so awesome you might get some unexpected dinner guests knocking at your door. 


Get ready to give'er in the kitchen! 

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The Steak that Changed Everything 



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